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At the football game against Park Hill South on Aug. 18, the first home game of the season, senior Harper Ross (see page 16) cheers while holding the

May 12, 2018

Prom candidate Q&A

Prom candidate Q&A

April 20, 2018

Juniors and seniors are preparing to attend Prom 2018 this Saturday, April 21, at Arrowhead Stadium. Nine seniors will be presented to the attendees as prom candidates, having been nominated at last Friday's spring assembly. At the assembly, their names were announced and they received paper crowns to...

Walking out

An estimated 500 to 600 students march on the track after walking out of their second block classes in order to advocate for school safety and fight against gun violence.

Jessica Glaszczak, Katie Bullock, Elizabeth Payton, Gage Rabideaux, Allison Schoonbeck, and Carson Smith

March 15, 2018

Ending the candlelight vigils

A candle smokes after having just been blown out representing a possible end to the teen suicides.

Katie Bullock, Editor-in-chief

February 7, 2018

Kansas city and candlelight vigils “I believe in you.” “You are important.” “Everyone matters.” On the sidewalk outside of Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, these are the messages on the signs held by students and parents. It is Jan. 25, a cold morning. The sign holders w...

This land is our land

Senior Lily Abdulla stands at the homecoming game on Sep. 29 where she was a member of the homecoming court.

Katie Bullock, Editor-in-chief

January 4, 2018

Foreign-born immigrants make up 13.5 percent of America’s population according to the 2016 Current Population Survey. These over 43.3 million people and their 41 million American born children come from around the world, bringing with them hundreds of different cultural traditions. Raised i...

US or USA?

Hands painted in blue and red are held in fists that have been fighting. They respectively represent opposing liberal and conservative viewpoints to showcase political polarization that stems from two sides that refuse to work to understand one another.

Griffin Rites Staff

December 13, 2017

Beyond expectations

Freshman Sarah Coccovizzo, who was born blind, uses landmarks like the stairways to help her find her way around the school.

Marshall Payton, Staff Writer

November 1, 2017

Strong like Sancia

Junior Sancia Reynaga looks forward to her future after being declared cancer free just over. year after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Katie Bullock, Editor-in-chief

October 31, 2017

“My doctor said ‘Kids don’t get cancer when they’re that young.’” But junior Sancia Reynaga did. Although Reynaga’s doctor was sure that positive tests for breast cancer must have been false, in July of 2016 Reynaga’s parents sat her down on the couch and told her she had been...



Elizabeth Payton, Staff Writer

October 3, 2017

Passionate about their jobs, new principal Eric Johnson and new assistant principals Shannon Lawson and Drew White jumped right into the new school year, ready to help in any way they can. Each coming from a different place, they unite together, along with assistant principals David Garrison and Dixie...

7 questions for the 2017 Homecoming court

Senior Kylee Zerbe is announced as a Homecoming queen candidate.

September 15, 2017

The 2017 homecoming court was announced during third block lunches in the cafeteria on Sept. 13. Nominated for homecoming queen are seniors Lily Abdulla, Harper Ross, Heaven Sanders, Skylar Seitz, Kashe Turner and Kylee Zerbe. Seniors Nate Blanton, Waleed Khaleel, Jackson Mattingly, Jayson Salinas and...

Experiencing the eclipse

Shortly after totality, the moon begins to move away from the sun

Katie Bullock, Editor-in-chief

August 29, 2017

For the first time in 99 years, Kansas City residents got the chance to view a solar eclipse from their homes on Aug. 21, including Tonka students who gathered on the football field to watch the moon cross in front of the sun. Although total solar eclipses happens about once every 18 months...

Girls 4×400 meter relay breaks school record

The 4x400 meter relay team and two of their coaches laugh while taking pictures.

Katie Bullock, Editor-in-chief

May 6, 2017

    To most students, four minutes means passing period. But to the varsity girls 4x400 meter relay team, four minutes seven seconds means running a mile. At 9:45 p.m. on May 6 at Belton High School, senior Cayla Adamson, juniors Lily Abdulla and Dinedye Denis and sophomore Ashley J...

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