Spirit Starts Here

Kicking off the School Year


Seniors Lan Linh Tran, Kayla Blank, Elle Snider, and Mackenna Kutter cheer the Tonka football team at the annual jamboree on Aug. 19, 2022. Picture by Cheyenne Brown.

Cheyenne Brown, Editor-in-Chief, Griffin Writes

Tonka students filed into the stands of the Staley high schools’ stadium on Aug. 19, 2022, for the football jamboree between Winnetonka, Staley, Oak Park, and North Town. Each school has a student section that splits one of the two stadium stands in half. Tonka scholars, dashed in red and gold, sport miniature megaphones, poms, painted handprints on their limbs, and face paint. This is the first display of school spirit for members of the student body.

Displays of spirit occur throughout the school year from passionate members of the student body. Experiences like assemblies, sporting events, and dances all influence the pride one feels for their learning institute. Upperclassmen are trying to bring back the traditions that they experienced full out only in their freshman year.

“Whenever seniors and other upperclassmen leave, or if we are not able to show up to the games, [underclassmen] can still show up and appreciate and support our players on the field,” senior Lan Linh Tran said.

A football jamboree is an event in which multiple teams come together and each play one another in miniature games to kick off the season. For the players, it is a fun competitive event to show the community what they have been practicing over the summer. For students, it’s the first opportunity to express their pride and set an example for underclassmen.

“I most enjoy that the games show what Winnetonka really is, and it’s cool to see everyone cheering,” senior Kaitlyn Traxler said, “It shows how much spirit we truly have and that most of our [reputation] is not true.”

Tonka seeks to reclaim its traditions and show the community that the school is worth more than what it has been labeled. Providing spirit-based opportunities for students to participate in is important in encouraging true pride in the school. Presenting this to the future generations of griffins is where it all starts.