Santa Showdown

December 7, 2021

Come see the 48th Street Players in their winter show, Santa Showdown!

Seussical the musical

Grace Hicks November 17, 2021

    Come see Seussical the musical this weekend, Thursday-Saturday November 18-20 at 7:00pm. Tickets are $8. follow Seussical on Instagram

Into The Spotlight

Into The Spotlight

Isaak Peterson March 20, 2021

Theater is an important activity for many of the students and staff at Winnetonka High School. Many of those who enjoy theater also take part in after school activities including musicals and plays. This...



Destiny Mattingly and Cheyenne Brown November 24, 2020

What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman? Frost bite! Submitted by Shannon LeGrand   How do you get an alien baby to sleep? You rocket. Submitted by Laura Ryczek   "What...

Freshman Student Takes 3rd in Poetry Reading

Freshman Student Takes 3rd in Poetry Reading

Destiny Mattingly November 2, 2020

Congratulations to the students who competed at the KC Novice Invitational speech and debate tournament this past weekend!  Charlie Vitale won 3rd place in Poetry Reading!    Great job done by all...

Homecoming Crowning!

Homecoming Crowning!

Destiny Mattingly October 25, 2020

Congratulations to our Homecoming Royalty! Queen Sophia Ferson, King Jordon Prince, Princess Isabella Rodriguez, and Prince Tyler Wilson! Congratulations to all of the candidates and GO GRIFFINS!

By Kameryn Young, 12.

Please stop saying “OK Boomer”

Daniel Smith, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

Howdy. I am what is known as a “Baby Boomer”, or “Boomer” as you young snowflakes call them (probably because your attention spans can’t process more than two syllables now.) I was “boomed”...

One thousand characters, nine hundred episodes, twenty years: One Piece

One thousand characters, nine hundred episodes, twenty years: One Piece

Daniel Smith, Staff Writer November 4, 2019

“My fortune is yours for the taking, but you’ll have to find it first--I left everything I own in ONE PIECE!” These were the epic final words of the legendary Gold Roger, the man known as the...

Taco Cat multiplies thrice for 2019-20 school year

Taco Cat multiplies thrice for 2019-20 school year

Elizabeth Payton, Staff Writer September 11, 2019

Since his arrival, Taco Cat has become the poster child for the band department, greeting students with his mesmerizingly-yellow shell every time they enter the music room. In the past, Taco Cat has...

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Nia Scaggs, Copy Editor November 7, 2018

Wouldn’t you like to have anything you’ve ever wanted in life? Well, then the Law of Attraction [LOA] may be the right thing for you. It is super simple, and all you need is your brain and a good...

5 reasons you should watch Star Trek

5 reasons you should watch “Star Trek”

Raymond Leone, Contributing writer October 20, 2018

The message. The Star Trek saga is a glimpse into humanity’s future. In the show, we don’t end up destroying ourselves and our world, despite the third World War that occurs. Star Trek shows humanity...

Fun for one

Fun for one

Gage Rabideaux, Staff Writer February 14, 2018

By Gage Rabideaux *This piece is entirely satirical and does not intend to offend our audience.* February is the most pitiful month of the year. On top of having a pathetic and cowardly 28 days,...

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