Into The Spotlight

Isaak Peterson

Theater is an important activity for many of the students and staff at Winnetonka High School. Many of those who enjoy theater also take part in after school activities including musicals and plays. This year’s spring play is the musical, “Pippin.”

As many have realized, this year is vastly different from previous years. With the uprise of the pandemic came many new regulations and rules. Safety rules including social distancing, mask mandates, and general safety guidelines were all put into practice.

“We’ve had to wear masks during rehearsals, and social distance,” senior and “Pippin” student director senior Audrey Resch said, “and take everyone’s temperature and fill out the health screening before every rehearsal. But we also have to be prepared for anything that could happen”.

Many of these changes occurred due to COVID-19. Like most other situations, these guidelines have affected the cast. “Pippin” was the first major production after the pandemic.

“Before COVID normally we would have already performed by now,” Resch said, “but we have had to plan the show for April so COVID cases would calm down.”

Even with a pandemic, students and staff alike are working diligently to push forward and perform the production. The musical is not simply a story with a catchy tune. The theater department is utilizing the musical as a platform for addressing social injustice.

“Let’s just say it’s not about circuses anymore,” sophmore Kristina King said, “It’s about a kingdom falling, a boy who gets consumed by his thoughts, and the magic he finds along the way. We try to represent that every life matters, and especially that black lives matter.

The students and staff involved

strive to display their integrity and talent in a way that their peers can appreciate.

“The cast, director, musical director, crew, and choreographer have all been working on this a lot,” Resch said. “It’s amazing to watch how our hard work is coming together for us to tell this story. Everyone has a purpose in life and that everyone’s life is important.”

“Pippin” will be performed Thurdday, April 15-17 at 7:00 pm. Tickets must be prepurachased online.

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