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An estimated 500 to 600 students march on the track after walking out of their second block classes in order to advocate for school safety and fight against gun violence.

Walking out

March 15, 2018
Junior Brandon Burt contemplates design options at a Saturday build day on Jan. 20. “I think we all just have a passion for engineering and design. It’s fun to start from nothing and to end up with something that you made from scratch, Burt said about his love for robotics.

[Photo] The tech team

February 13, 2018
Junior Anna Timmermyer of winning team The Average Joes prepares to throw a ball during the third match of the tournament.

Dodging defeat

January 29, 2018
Senior Lily Abdulla stands at the homecoming game on Sep. 29 where she was a member of the homecoming court.

This land is our land

January 4, 2018
Hands painted in blue and red are held in fists that have been fighting. They respectively represent opposing liberal and conservative viewpoints to showcase political polarization that stems from two sides that refuse to work to understand one another.

[Photo] US or USA?

December 13, 2017
Junior Bella Middaugh marches with the PRIDE band while playing clarinet at the Sept. 29 homecoming football game before the first quarter. Middaugh was selected as the 11th chair clarinet for the Kansas City Metro All-District Band.

[Photo] All or nothing

November 8, 2017
1. Junior Jacob Gustin plays the piano alone in the little theatre. Gustin enjoys the privacy that playing upstairs gives him, since he considers himself a shy person.

[Photo] The piano man

November 3, 2017
Junior Ashlyn Bunch drinks water during a timeout at the Oct. 5 Dig for the Cure varsity volley game vs. Oak Park.

Looking for a new net

November 1, 2017
Junior Sancia Reynaga looks forward to her future after being declared cancer free just over. year after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Strong like Sancia

October 31, 2017
Assistant principals David Garrison, Dixie Wescott, Shannon Lawson, Drew White and principal Eric Johnson stand surrounded by words that students and staff used to describe them in gray and the words they used to describe themselves in white.

[Photo] Self-Described

October 3, 2017
Image over impact

Image over impact

October 2, 2017
Senior Nate Blanton stands in front a Hawaiian themed banner the day after being announced as a homecoming candidate.

[Photo] Nate Blanton

September 14, 2017
Senior Skylar Seitz smiles as she receives suckers after being announced as a homecoming queen candidate.

Skylar Seitz

September 14, 2017
Senior Harper Ross smiles after being nominated for homecoming court.

Harper Ross

September 14, 2017
After being announced as a homecoming queen candidate, senior Lily Abdulla is hugged by junior Makenzie Jackson.

[Photo] Lily Abdulla

September 14, 2017
Heaven Sanders wears a pink lei after being announced as the first homecoming court member.

Heaven Sanders

September 14, 2017
Senior Waleed Khaleel looks on as people cheer for him while he receives his crown.

[Photo] Kylee Zerbe

September 14, 2017
Students walk past choir director Jason Elam during passing period on Aug. 16.

New times at Tonka

September 11, 2017
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