Dodging defeat

Juniors win annual powder-puff dodgeball tournament

Katie Bullock, Editor-in-chief

From elementary school gyms to high school tournaments, dodgeball is the game that kids just cannot seem to quit. In this year’s annual girls powder-puff dodgeball tournament on Jan. 26, ‘The Average Joes,’ stuck to those childhood roots to win.

“It was really exciting to win,” junior Emma Jameson said. “We didn’t come in thinking that we were going to win so it was a surprise.”

Jameson and her team played five games against four different teams before being declared the winners of the tournament bracket. The title of last place however, belonged to senior Skylar Seitz’s team, which only had three members for most of their first match due to late arrival.

“My favorite part was the excuritating fear that my teammates were not going to show up because I was alone for the first 10 minutes,” Seitz said. “But i’m extraordinarily proud of all my junior friends for coming through and beating the seniors.”

After the tournament was over, all three senior teams – with a little help from the teachers – played against both of the junior teams. Although at one point it seemed that the juniors would win again, with eight of their team against just three of the senior team, the senior team came back to win it.

“My favorite part was definitely the junior versus senior game,” Jameson said. “Even though we lost, it was still a lot of fun. The friendly competition was great.”