I look up to…Woman’s History Month

Students And Staff Share Women They Look Up To

Amy Sheehan , Staff

“I look up to Dr Becky Callaway – A mom, A Coach, a Teacher and a very well-educated woman.”




Shannon Calohan, Staff

Shannon Calohan

“My mother, my grandmothers. They are strong enough to stand up for themselves yet loving and nurturing to everyone they know. They do (did) not want me to let people treat me badly.”




Mikayla Gandara ,11

“I look up to Kate O’Leary because as a Hispanic woman she not only became an air force colonel, but a surgeon, and a college professor. “



Jared Barge, Staff

Jared Barge and His Mother

“My Mom- Single mother of three boys. She did most of it in her own with very little support from others. She was an RN who worked 50–60-hour weeks for over 30 years of her life. We never had much but she always made it work. Three boys were expensive to say the least, but we very rarely went without. She was and still is my hero! “Jared Barge



James Hawes, Staff

James Hawes

“I look up to all of the women I have the honor of working with Angela Andrews, Tami Bachman, Melissa Camarda, Andrea Caspari, Stephane Healy, Suzanne Forman, Be-Asia McKerracher, Laura Ryczek, Christie Reed, Yvonne Sexton, Jessie Shepherd, just to name a few of the She-Warrior-Goddesses I work with on the regular. Each and every one of them has their particular way of doing things with their own insights that I have come to rely on for suggestions and support. In my work and personal life, I aspire to be more like the best aspects I see in them. Already, I am a better teacher and a better person for having known them. Even through constant changes and challenges, I know I’ve got them to turn to whenever I’m in need.” James Hawes



Sadie Waggerman, 12

“I look to my mom and Mrs. Sulzen because they’re both incredibly strong people, while my mom is fantastic as holding her own while going through the many hardships of life. Between being a single mom and her medical issues, she’s been a rock in my entire life. And I’m just glad I have her to be my hero. Mrs Sulzen is my school mom, and she gives me the motivation to continue when I want to give up and I can’t thank her enough for pushing me especially in these last few months. “



Sierra Mattingly, 12

Sierra Mattingly

“I look up to Emilia Earhart because she not afraid to be herself, she a super strong and brave woman and not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. I aspire to be more like her in certain parts of my life”





Ruth Estrada, 10

“Jenni Rivera because she a Latin icon and she had so much strength in her life and she proved that if you’re going through something really bad things will get better throughout time. I also look up to Michelle Obama because she gives people no matter who they are especially through her words a high level of respect, she’s also is so passionate about helping her community and making sure everyone is okay and safe, and she helps and inspires young black women to be great and do amazing things.”


Diana Drew, 12

Diana Drew

“I look up to my mom because she’s the strongest woman I know, she does so much and never complains






Melissa Camarda, Staff

Melissa Camarda

“My grandmother Loraine Satre Miller. She attended college when few women were. When her father died suddenly, leaving her mother and three sisters without an income, she left college and took a job as a nanny to support them. She made sure that her sister Eileen was able to attend and graduate college. Eileen was a professor when few women were. My grandmother was such a good cook that the family who employed her as their nanny, the Dayton family of Minneapolis, Minnesota, famous for starting Target, moved her from their nanny to their head cook. She left their employ to marry my grandfather and have 7 kids in 6 years. She was a generous, kind and feisty woman who always made me feel special and loved. My daughter is named after her, as are the daughters of two of my cousins. We all loved her so much!”




Sheri Coffman, Staff

“I look up to Hilary Clinton. I appreciate Hillary Clinton’s perseverance over challenges and what she has accomplished. She proved that brilliant, accomplished woman, while often hated, must move forward towards their goals anyway!”