Griffin Volleyball Takes 2nd Place

Macy Goetz, Staff Member, Editor-in-Chief of Odyssey Yearbook

2010 was the last time the varsity volleyball team won a tournament… until now. On Oct. 29 in the main gym, varsity volleyball competed in the Class 4 District 15 championship game for the first time in 10 years.

“I was shocked and excited to win and move on to the championship game.” Junior Kristyn Crane said. “We had lost to the same team earlier in the season but beat them when it mattered. It was an amazing game.”

The team won 1 of the 3 sets, ultimately placing them in second place at the end of the championship.

“Of course everyone wants to get first, but placing second was a great thing we accomplished as well. We worked hard but came up short. I was just happy to play in one more game with my teammates.”

Though coming in second, the girls are still proud of all of their achievements and how much they have grown from their experience.

“I felt very proud of us and the obstacles we overcame and how much we have grown together.” Senior Dorianna Braxton said. “It meant a lot because since I’ve been at tonka we have never been to a district championship, so it felt amazing just to be there.”

They believe their ability to work together as a team is what lead them to have such a successful season.

“I believe we work well as a team because no one blames anyone for making mistakes, we are always there to tell them that they got the next one.” Crane said. “We all make sure no one gives up on themselves and we trust each other to do our own individual jobs on the team which motivates us all to do better.”