Kobe Bryant, photo courtesy of USA Today

5 of Kobe Bryant’s memorable moments

Jocelin Egeland and Hayden Weatherman April 13, 2016

Kobe Bryant, the professional basketball player, is playing in his last game today. With an impressive 20-year career it is time to remember some of his amazing moments. 1. Drafted right out high school,...

The view form the Liberty Memorial. 
Photo Courtesy

8 things only Kansas City people would know

Jocelin Egeland, Writer April 1, 2016

There are a few staples to the city that may seem strange to the non Kansas City born. 1. Weather In Kansas City the temperatures can range from freezing in the morning to sweltering heat in the...

3. Magnolia- Unlike some other flowers, magnolias grow on trees and they cannot pollinate by themselves they must rely on beetles. In 1952, it became the state flower of Mississippi. Today magnolias can be found in many types of medicines for lung issues, relaxing muscles and congestion in the chest. Magnolias can be traced to 100 million years ago, therefore they represent stability and grace.

4 flowers blooming in Kansas City

Jocelin Egeland, Writer March 22, 2016

The flowers shown can be found in Kansas City during mid spring and they bloom for several weeks.

Senior Dominic Rizzo wearing green pants in support of St. Patricks Day on March 17.

5 things you didn’t know about St. Patrick’s Day

Savannah Moore, Co-copy editor March 17, 2016

This Irish holiday is known for the drinking, the clover and painful pinches, but you might not have known these things about it. 1. The color should be blue, not green – Saint Patrick’s color was...

The Leap Year day that occurred in 2016.

5 things you did not know about Leap Year

Savannah Moore, Co-copy editor March 1, 2016

Leap year comes around once every four years in order for our calendars to be more accurate, but most people do not understand how we got to having a leap year. Here are some things you may not have known...

The Art club walking in the Homecoming parade on Oct. 9

8 clubs you may not have known about

Emily Noyes, Design editor February 23, 2016

Key club What is it? Teenagers work together to better the community. When is it? Fridays during intervention in RC6. Why Join? They have a Valentine’s Dance and participate community service...

Official movie poster of Finding Dory

16 movies to watch in theaters

Emily Noyes, Design editor February 17, 2016

Action X-Men: Apocalypse May 27 The X-men must unite to save earth from the first mutant Apocalypse.   Suicide Squad August 5 A government agency recruits supervillains to complete...

5 things you did not know about Groundhog Day

5 things you did not know about Groundhog Day

Savannah Moore, Co-copy editor February 2, 2016

Every year, America watches Phil the groundhog in Punxsutawney, PA for his weather prediction. Here's some things you may not know about our furry little friend, who is not always as on the spot with his...

Official television poster for Second Chance.

12 television series you should already be watching

Savannah Moore, Co-copy editor January 28, 2016

The Shannara Chronicles                                                             This post-apocalyptic fantasy premiers on Tuesday at 10 p.m. on MTV.   Zoe...

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