Tonka wishes you a Happy Halloween!

    Tonka wishes you a Happy Halloween!

    Haunted sightings- By Simone Findley 

    Beast- 1401 W 13th St Suite B, Kansas City, MO 64102 

    Ticket Price $35

    The Beast is a haunted house for those who horror fans who enjoy a more monstrous frights. This haunt takes Patrons through a mysteries path that has no walls and no clear end. A trip through the swamp with live animals, London to meet Jack the Ripper, and many more thrilling attractions await those brave enough to enter. but beware of the terrifying wolfs, its said that they’re hungry.

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    The Edge of Hell-  1300 W 12th St, Kansas City, MO 64101

    Ticket Price $35

    the Edge of Hell starts in a hell scape themed room and takes people on a terrifying  journey through Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell. Jumping out of a window from 3 stories up, Demons, Medusa the world’s largest snake, and more.  thrill patrons looking for a chilling adventure that may provide nightmares.

    Haunted House by Marley J. Whiltle – My favorite thing about Halloween has always been my grandparent’s special tradition—a haunted house!

    Coffins, skeletons, headless platters, and even a giant, functional gallow lined the path leading from their driveway to the garage. Their haunted house was equipped with everything needed to make it the perfect thriller.

    The garage drew attention from all around the neighborhood. People looking for some extra fright would crowd to see what was happening inside. I rarely went inside, because I was too terrified. Nevertheless, I enjoyed their haunted house.

    Sadly, my grandma passed away. My grandfather only put up the haunted house that next year, but I’ll always appreciate the scare I got from my grandparents.  I’ll never forget their haunted house.


    Run by Simone Findley – On a typical Halloween night, I planned to go trick or treating with my best friend, (junior) Kendyll Fredde. I dressed as the deranged Easter bunny from “A Christmas Story”; she wore a dragon onsie. Yes, oh so creative.

    We met at my house for some scary snacks like mummy dogs, finger fries, and cupcakes shaped like bats, then we headed out to score some candy.

    The first couple of houses weren’t too terrible–no jump scares, nothing too gory, just classic Halloween fun.

    Then, we arrived at the house, a white house with big bushes and a lonely porch with a little porch light.

    Kendyll and I huddled together as we slowly approached the door. Sure, Kendyll’s dad waited behind us and we knew he’d protect us. But that house was just…eerie.

    As we grew closer to the porch, we saw a man standing in the front yard. He stood still. Well, except for his head. We felt his silent, watchful gaze on us as we walked up the ramp to the porch, retrieved our treats, and returned to her dad.

    We played it cool by “ignoring” him but picked up our pace as he began walking behind us. Short steps turned to speed walking; speed walking turned into a light jog. He lengthened his strides and then jogged with us.

    I glanced at Kendyll. Her eyes grew huge in fright, and we knew. We knew there was no turning back.

    Clutching our heavy candy bags, mine slung over my shoulder and hers tightly by her side, we took off down the street. There was nothing on my mind expect for trying to get away. When I finally stopped running, I realized a couple things: 1. I wasn’t being chased anymore. (and by the looks of it hadn’t been for a long time) and 2. I couldn’t find Kendyll.

    Oh wait, I look down the street to see my best friend standing safely with her dad, she left me to fend for myself. I later learned that the man had asked permission from her dad to chase us. I still struggle to forgive him for my trauma.


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