When I was eight

Seniors reflect on their favorite activities when they were younger and what they wanted to be when they got older.

May 21, 2018

“I loved to go on road trips with my uncles and aunts.”

-Elaudy Abreau


“I loved dressing like a boy, but also wanted to live the life of a Bratz doll.”

-Miah Ashley


“Every since I was eight, I’ve loved to read books and draw.”

-Clayre Barkema


“To hold a platypus.”

-Nathaniel Blanton


“I have always wanted to be a professional singer when I was younger.”

-Anna Braman


“Fly but that was until I figured out I couldn’t…”

-Paul Burton

“I wanted to become a scientist and name a star after my mom.”

-Dylan Chumley


“I wanted to be an astronaut and go to Mars.”

-Shelby Combs


“Be a nurse.”

-Destiny Cooper


“I wanted to be a chef.”

-Halie Cosman


“To play soccer in high school.”

-Christina Criscione


“I wanted to be a CSI investigator.”

-Gavin Crump


“I wanted to be a dentist.”

-Kristina Curlett


“I wanted to open a shoe store in New York with mom.”

-Lara Dannenmaier


“Running all around the neighborhood chilling with my friends.”

-Joshua Daugherty


“Build legos.”

-Matthew DeHass


“Be like Sasuke.”

-Robert Delameter


“When I was eight I wanted to be an actress.”

-Danielle Dodd


“I loved to draw.”

-Victoria Duensing


“The things I loved is that I loved walking and exercising. I even loved making wallpapers in two software programs, which I enjoy.”

-Scott Dugent


“I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was eight. I LOVED animals, but unfortunately my brother is allergic and I never really had one … sad.”

-Rana Ekilah


“Ride horses, singing, dancing, coloring and sports.”

-Ry-Jae Fisher


“I wanted to be a superhero, obviously.”

-Dara Fitzmaurice


“I wanted to be in the Air Force.”

-Jacob Gustin


“I wanted to be a professional fast and furiouser.”

-Parham Habibi


“I loved the fact that I was going to become a big sister.”

-EricRose Hamilton


“I was set on being a CSI and I wanted to be the person who was a hero and was not hiding behind the scenes.”

-Taylor Hellums


“Be a Winnetonka Griffin, become a football player, and get pancakes…a LOT of pancakes.”

-Alejandro Hernandez


“I wanted to be a marine biologist with a side job as a baker.”

-Hannah Hernandez


“When I was eight, I was really sporty and wanted to be an Olympian athlete (oh, how the tables have turned).”

-Ryann Hill


“I wanted to be a chef when I was little, my dad got me a chef hat and everything.”

-Lia Holman


“When I was eight, I wanted to be a vet actually. I read with my stuffed animals and pretended to heal them. I loved the sunshine and I loved being outside. I was totally a tomboy.”

-Jozi Hurt


“I loved to play outside and throw the football and I wanted to be a famous football athlete.”

-Jeremiah Johnson


“Military service.”

-Ka’Von Johnson


“I love the farm in my country.”

-Samaia Juma


“I liked to sing in choir and play tetherball during recess.”

-Vaida Juma


“To be a princess.”

-Katie Kalm


“Watching PBS Kids, playing games on the Nintendo Gamecube.”

-Jerry Keeney


“Playing guitar, going outside and playing the original Star Wars Battlefront 2.”

-Cameron Keough


“I loved riding horses, I’ve always wanted to own one.”

-Bailey Kleindienst


“Draw (for some reason).”

-Bryton Koch


“I wished to be a cat lady and a doctor.”

-Linsey Langdon


“I loved being outside and at the pool with friends. The pool was basically my second home during the summer.”

-Taylor Mahorney


“I wanted to be a vet.”

-Sara Martin


“I wanted to be a ballerina and a cop. I loved fish sticks, the outside and climbing trees.”

-Gabriella Matthews


“I wanted to be a policeman. There’s NO way now.”

-Thomas Mitchell


“I always loved baseball and wanted to become a professional athlete.”

-Daniel Newbury


“I wanted to be a kid because me at eight, I really didn’t dream of being anything.”

-Tyreese Nolan


“When I was eight years old I thought I could do anything and everything like rule the world.”

-Jessica Olive


“When I was eight, I loved cooking and eventually wanted to become a chef.”

-Jonathan Orr


“I wanted to be a police officer.”

-Dillon Osborne


“Playing Pokémon and reading.”

-Kaitlyn Presko


“Played football.”

-Anthony Pressly


“Play video games.”

-Alexander Pyatt


“I loved High School Musical and wanted to marry Zac Efron. I still do.”

-Gisselle Quinones


“I wanted to be a veterinarian.”

-Harper Ross


“I loved climbing trees and being outside in general. I wanted to be Mother Nature.”

-Heaven Sanders


“I wanted to be a baker.”

-Skylar Seitz


“I wanted to grow up faster.”

-Courtney Simpson


“I wanted to be a professional volleyball player.”

-Riley Stephenson


“When I was eight I loved everything pink and princess themed, now I still do. I’m looking forward to a pink barbie hummer in the future.”

-Nehe’miah Strother


“I wanted to move to the United States and play in the snow. Until I did… then I figured out it was just ice.”

-Roxett Suarez


“Halloween, family and friends, going on road trips.”

-Breann Taylor


“When I was eight, I loved Hannah Montana and playing outside.”

-Kashe Turner


“I wanted to be a vet and a mom. I loved my dog, my family, my friends and school.”

-Cassandra VanHouten


“When I was eight I really wanted a pet dog and now I still have the same dog (Sally) that has been with me since I was 10.”

-Allison Walker


“I loved going outside with my friends, riding my bike, going to parks and all that jazz. I really wanted to be a singer when I was eight years old, I wanted to be like Beyonce’ (lol who did I think I was).”

-Kennedi Walker


“I wanted to be a vet.”

-Helen Wesner


“I wanted to be a veterinarian, and I loved to play soccer.”

-Julia Whiles


“I wanted to be an NFL player for the Kansas City Chiefs.”

-Riley Wiegers


“Loved to hit people.”

-Ryan Woods


“Go to recess.”

-Jonathan Yuth


“I wanted to be a singer/actress! My dream was to be in movies. Especially, a remake of Twilight.”

-Kylee Zerbe


“I wanted to be a doctor when I was eight.”

-Taylor Zimmerman


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