Dear seniors

Teachers share advice and shoutouts to the class of 2018

May 15, 2018

Teachers and staff were asked to give advice and/or shoutouts to the seniors. The first quote under every name  is advice to the senior class as a whole, and the second quote below every name is a shoutout to specific classes or group of students.

College Adviser Darius Caffey

“Some of the best advice that I can give to the senior class, is to always be honest with yourself and be transparent with the people that care about you.”

“A huge shoutout to my 1st graduating senior class in making my first job out of college a good experience.. even though they barely showed up to my events.”

Administrative assistant Lisa Callahan

“Be polite, be respectful, be kind.  Those three things will take you FAR in life and cost you no amount of money!  Remember, you will continue to make mistakes through out your life. LEARN from them.  Best of Luck in your future endeavors!”

English teacher Melissa Camarda

“Haiku to the Class of 2018
You are more aware.
You are more vocal. Thank you!
Stay woke, and please: vote.”

Theater teacher Sheri Coffman

“Act well your part, THERE all the honor lies!”

“Theatre IV Seniors – You have forged an impressive legacy that will long live in YOUR Theatre Department! Thank you for leading by example. Winnetonka Theatre Department loves you and wishes you the very best life has to offer!”

“Industrial Technology teacher Thomas Fish

Don’t be afraid to fail.  We all make G.O.O.F’s. G.O.O.F. = Growth Opportunity Overcoming Failures!  We all learn to fly by crashing a few times!”

Teaching and learning coach Suzanne Forman

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor others above yourselves. Be joyful in hope, patient in hardship, and faithful in prayer. Never be lacking in zeal. Share with the ALL people who are in need.  And always, always – practice kindness.”

English teacher James Hawes

“Follow your passion, but have a practical backup. Get involved with some club or activity when you go to college. It can be a lonely place when you don’t know anyone. Approach everything with an open mind, but demand evidence.”

“Be Brave & Be Kind.”

AP and Honors Physics teacher Marcy Holwick

“Hard work is good and makes dreams come true.  Never stop working hard and dreaming big.”

Assistant principal Shannon Lawson

“The Class of 2018 has embraced this new Griffin with open arms. I am so proud of each and every one of you and I know you will do big things! Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure. Tonka believes in you!”

“Hey, 2018! Don’t just fly through life, SOAR!”

Math and ACT Prep teacher Vickie McGiffin

“YOU can make a big difference. If you ever have a bad day, make it better by volunteering. A small contribution from you can be the beginning of big changes!”

English teacher Be-Asia McKerracher

“Learning to ask for help is the difference between successful people and people with the potential for success.”

“Shout out to all my College English survivors–lol.  I will miss you! College writing is going to be a breeze now that you know the M, the L, and the A :-).”

Math teacher Joseph Morse

“Enjoy your future and remember to wear your flannel shirts!”

Art teacher Heather Sulzen

“Hey AP Art History seniors! Thanks for being my first group for this class. No matter how you do on the test you should feel proud that we all know a lot more now then we did in August, like how cows don’t eat fish. Congrats on graduating!”

Biology teacher Brittani Tiefenbrunn

“Congratulations Seniors! Your Tonka family is so proud of you! Now, go out and change the world! 🙂
Remember to..
Greet the future with anticipation
Dream big & work hard
Always treat people how you would like to be treated
Enjoy every moment of your new journey
Remember your roots, manners & the way HOME.”

Counselor Tabitha Todd

“Roots alone cannot bring growth.  It takes soil, rain, sunshine and seasons to grow.   Let people in, let experiences prune and change you. You’ll never see beyond the garden you’re planted in if you don’t grow tall enough.”

Administrative assistant Pamela Wiltfong

“Get a college degree. Take that time to find your passion. Once you start working and get a taste of money, you might not finish, and later you will wish you had.”

Math Teacher Luke Young

“There’s what’s right & there’s what’s right, and never the twain shall meet.”

“Tell Sue I said, “What’s up?””

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