Tonka student selected for CAPPIES review


December 14, 2015

Theater I teacher, Paul Hackenberger is pleased to announce that junior Francesca Valente’s review of Center High School’s "ONCE ON THIS ISLAND" was selected as an outstanding review on Dec. 12; and it is being forwarded to the Jackson County Advocate. They will decide whether or not to publish...

Key Club Expands to Help Around the World

Marley Kennaley, Comic strip and writer

December 11, 2015

Key Club is organizing a big, school wide project during the month of December. They are assembling hygiene kits to send to Syrian refugee camps in Greece. Their goal is to get 75 kits together by Dec. 14 and to unite the school together for a common cause. According to the Medical Teams International, there are two ki...

Robotics is the future

Piath Mourwal, J1 Writer

December 8, 2015

The Robotics Club is a club that allows “Students with a wide variety of skills, collaborating to design and build a machine,” Jeff Janzen website and programming teacher said. Though many people don’t see it, robots are being used in many ways. The tool you use to toast your toast in the early...

Hands on learning

Emily Noyes, Design editor

December 1, 2015

At 8:53, every other day, Kerri Cassity’s graphic design class transforms into a professional graphic design firm. The Village of Claycomo approached Cassity last spring about designing a community logo. “They’re trying to reorganize their community in the next few years,...

All the way for United Way

All the way for United Way

Rachel Adamson, Editor in Chief

November 24, 2015

Staff and students raised a total of $2,307.62 for United Way and were recognized at the school wide assembly on November 24. 12 teachers volunteered to cut their hair or shave beard/head if a certain amount of money was raised. According to Carolyn Winston the haircut was worth it for the cause. "One of my studen...

Winnetonka Blood Drive 2015

Winnetonka Blood Drive 2015

November 18, 2015

Student takes on bullying

Student takes on bullying

Riley Stephenson, Writer

November 17, 2015

Sophomore Bibiana Meza won first place in a bullying poster competition in her self development class. “We all have a reason for who we are, and when were getting bullied it’s hard to believe that the bully does it for pleasure and satisfaction,” Meza said. More than half of bullying situations...

School cancelation for Royals celebration

School cancelation for Royals celebration

Rachel Adamson, Editor in Chief

November 2, 2015

On November 3, the North Kansas City School District will cancel classes due to the Royals World Series Championship celebration. At the end of the school day, principal Matthew Lindsey announced that school would be canceled. "I think that we made the right call because our student attendance...

School threat leads to investigation

School threat leads to investigation

Emily Elliott, Editor in chief

October 16, 2015

Last evening and this morning a rumor was floating around to students and staff about a threat to shoot up the school during class hours today. Initially, all staff members were not fully knowledgeable about situation, however they were alerted that there was a concern and to continue with the regular...

48th Street Players debut improv show

Amber Murray, Co-copy editor

October 9, 2015

Thursday, Oct. 8 was the first 48th Street Player's improv show of the year. It was called Improvapalooza. The Improvapalooza was a performance where the 48th Street Players did improv games in front of a live audience. Some of the games required audience participation; adding audience suggestions...

Winnetonka Homecoming 2015: Night of the Dragon

Winnetonka Homecoming 2015: Night of the Dragon

Amy Chavarin, Writer

October 7, 2015

Homecoming Queen: Jordyn Eskijan Homecoming King: Kevin Vo Homecoming Princess: Emily Elliott Homecoming Prince: Perry Randle III Homecoming game: Winnetonka lost to Grandview 14-20 Although being on homecoming court can be very exciting, there is a lot of work to be done many peo...

Mental health: Is it important?

Abi Hutton, Online Advice Columnist

September 30, 2015

Many people may remember when they were in health class that at one point the teacher drew the class’ attention to a learning tool called the “health triangle”. In this triangle there are three components that make the lines of the triangle, and they are “physical health,” “social health,”...

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