Fast food attracts attention

James Palmer, Writer

An anonymous video turned the media’s attention on Aug. 4 when an employee of the fast food establishment, Checkers, was recorded wiping a hamburger bun on the ground and continuing to make the burger.

“These actions are not acceptable and do not reflect our contentment or value of food quality,” Sr. Vice President of Human Resources at Checkers, Lori Malcolm, said in an apology video. The employee and co-workers associated with the incident are no longer employed at that Baltimore suburb location.

The employee, upon an interview with Malcolm, said that she was extremely sorry and embarrassed for her actions and that she and her co-workers were messing around in the kitchen and the burger was never served to a guest.

“We have very strict standards, procedures and training in place regarding the preparation of our food,” Malcolm said.

Students fast food workers agree that this act was unnecessary.

“If I saw an employee doing this, I would call the health inspector because I would not want to eat a dirty burger, so I wouldn’t want other people to eat a dirty burger,” senior Jamal Kelley said.

This act is unacceptable to the Checkers corporation and is in violation of food safety and sanitary procedure.