Size 22 brings change to the catwalk

Chloe Minnick

Making history by being named a top model by “Italian Vogue” magazine, Tess Munster continues to astound by being the first model of her size to sign to a major agency.

Most agencies will not consider hiring a model unless she is 24 inches around the waist: a pants size of zero. Munster is almost twice as big, with a 42-inch waist and a pants size of 22.

“I think we’re the only agency with a model of her size. She is by far the largest model I have in the division [Curves division],” Anna Shillinglaw, the director of MiLK Model Management, told New York Daily News.

Munster, 29, is 65 inches tall and has numerous tattoos on both arms and on her back. Despite this, MiLK signed her in January of this year.

Before becoming happy with who she is, Munster was bullied so severely she was forced to drop out of school at 17. Since then, she has developed a better sense of self-confidence.

“To me, it’s such a simple concept [being happy]. It’s all about loving your body, regardless of your size, and chasing your dreams,” she told Health Magazine.

Some members of the public are bothered by seeing Munster in revealing clothing “normal sized” models wear because of her weight.

“Not everyone understands what I’m about. But everyone deserves to be happy. For some reason, the fact that I happen to be plus size and happy seems to bother people,” she told Health Magazine.

Being the opposite of a mainstream model, Munster has broken from the slender model stereotype and attempted to set a more realistic body image for young adults everywhere.