Ending with determination

Savannah Moore, Co-copy editor

The leadership on the girl’s basketball team has brought out the determination in all of the girls.

“…we have good seniors this year, but there’s not as many, and because of that, how we respond to our senior leadership [has been] different,” coach Terry Vickers said.

With freshmen playing up, it is a necessity to have girls step up to the plate.

“I’ve been playing since the summer of sixth grade,” freshman Mariah White said.

Discrepancies are a part of every team, but it is the way the team and coaches handle it that matters.

“At the beginning of the season there was a little bit of confrontation, but…the coaches and the team stepped up and said it was all unnecessary,” sophomore Alyshia Davis said.

A passion for the game and a love for each other is something that no disagreement can outlast.

“The rush you get when you see everyone cheering for you after you score is so cool,” White said.

As leaders too, Vickers and the other coaches have switched up the way they coach.

“I think they’re doing good, because the difference from last year and this year is they’re telling us that we need to out there and do this, instead of doing this,” Davis said.

Vickers believes it is his job to tell the girls what they are doing wrong, and how to fix it.

“I just communicate with them and tell them, ‘Hey here’s the situation and this is what we need to do,’” Vickers said.

Coaching and senior leadership has proven to be the key to the teams success, and they hope to continue on with that going into districts.