Hayden Weatherman, Writer

Unbroken which is a WW2 movie shows that failure is not a option for Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) and his crew mate Russell “Phil” Phillips. <br> <br>

After crashing hundreds of miles away from their air force base, they wait three days until they see a search plane that does not see them. <br> <br>

After that their luck gets worse. Zamperini and Phillips get lost a sea for a month and half. <br> <br>

They manage to finally catch a break and find a ship.To their disappointment it happens to be a Japanese ship. <br> <br>

Phillips and Zamperini then get transferred to a prisoner of war camp where they meet Takamasa Ishihara other wise known as The Bird. <br> <br>

The Bird picks on Zamperini due to the fact that he was a Olympic runner who held the fasted last lap on the 5000k in 56 seconds. <br> <br>

This was also Angelina Jolie’s first movie that she directed alone. <br> <br>

Jolie has proven that she can act. She has starred in Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2, Tomb Raider, and Maleficent, but now she is also a director. <br> <br>

For Jolie being a first time director she has a chance of two Oscar’s for cinematography and sound mixing. This says a lot about how good this movie actually is. <br> <br>

Unbroken shows what courage really is and what it really takes to not only survive, but to protect your country. <br> <br>

It captures the audiences attention by not only being based on a true event but with the scene play and acting as well. <br> <br>

With Unbroken being based of a true event with a great message, that not everyone will be able to fully understand. <br> <br>

This is a B+ movie.