Chez Elle

Marena Draskovich

If you are ever looking for a small little café to relax and have a crepe, Chez Elle is the place for you. <br> <br>

It sits on Summit Street in Downtown KC and has a good view of some creative houses. You can choose to sit at the shaded tales outside or the decorative tables inside. <br> <br>

Crepes can be ordered with savory meat or with different kinds of fruits and vegtables. <br> <br>

If you are looking for a café drink, they have drinks that originally come from Paris or lattés with different kinds of designs that are made on the top. <br> <br>

The service is fantastic and the workers always check on you to make sure you are doing okay and don’t need anything. <br> <br>

They are very quick with making your food and will bring it straight to your table. <br> <br>

There are some down sides to this café though. There are very few “big” tables. I would say there are bout 10-12 tables and most only sit two people. It can get very crowded and the bathrooms are small, also. The space is limited so I would not recommend going to eat there for lunch. <br> <br>

When I went, I sat outside and no matter what someone was always checking up on me. My drink was always filled so I never had to worry about getting parched. <br> <br>

There are all kinds of French pastries and cakes, including macaroons. They have a soft fluffy feel to them and have a creamy inside. <br> <br>

There is also a French bread bakery across the street with amazing cheese bread. <br> <br>

Around the Café, there are little shops with neat little nick knacks if you want to make a day out of it. <br> <br>

I would definitely give tis restaurant an A rating just because of how wonderful the food is and the service I got.