Priest looks like a lady

Amber Murray, Co-copy editor

Despite being a woman, Georgia Walker, a resident of Kansas City, MO., is a priest in the Catholic Church.

She has been excommunicated; Walker has followed all the rules required to become a priest. She was even ordained by a Bishop.

“I was ordained by a woman Bishop, who was ordained by a male Bishop from Europe, and he gave her the ability to ordain women priests, ” Walker said.

Walker has always been a person who would go against societal standards.

“My sister is a trailblazer and we just go with what she wants because she is going to do it anyway. As a sister we’re just responsible for loving her no matter what,” Paula Miller, Walker’s sister, said.

Walker has been a rule breaker since she was young. She has been arrested four times.

“We [fellow protesters] protested at the Whiteman Air force base because they were flying drones and bombing Afghanistan and Pakistan by remote control, we believe that this kind of bombing is illegal because it kills a lot of innocent civilians. We crossed the line to speak to the Commander of the base and he wouldn’t talk to us. We went a couple of feet onto the property and got arrested, ” Walker said.

The reason Walker has broken this rule of women priests is so everyone can feel included in the church.

“I want to be able to bring in people who feel left out of the church. People who for one reason or another have been mistreated by the Church. I want to give them the chance to be able to come to the communion table and be welcomed no matter who you are or what you have done, without hesitation,” Walker said.

Not everyone agrees with Walker becoming a priest.

“It [a priest] is called Father for a reason,” sophomore Zachary Chargois said.

Some of Walker’s family also disagreed with her decision.

“Some parts of the family who are conservative catholic don’t agree with what she is doing so they chose not to participate. They don’t condemn her but they don’t want to be excommunicated themselves,” Miller said.

Walker believes that women should be priests because they are also disciples of Jesus.

“One of the closest associates of Jesus was Mary of Magdala and Jesus chose her and it is because men have excluded women that we have a male priesthood. For the first 150 years there was no title of Priest there were disciples who were both women and men,” Walker said.

While Walker is for women in the Church, she understands that it is against the Pope’s wishes and many Catholics side with him.

“It is a hard topic to talk about, but I think the Pope did right by excommunicating her,” Chargois said.

Walker’s main goal of becoming a priest is to encourage the change of the church to allow everyone to be included.