Communication is Key

Kayla Pendergrast

To define character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual, and that is exactly what the boy’s basketball team is expecting.

Even though there has been obstacles along the way, they have managed to keep pushing forward everyday.

“Our motto is character. We are improving everyday. We are starting to listen and have good attitudes,” basketball coach Todd Magwire said.

Once spots were given to the team, people began neglecting to show up for practices.

“Before spots were officially given everyone was always on time and at practice, but after spots started becoming solid people started skipping,” senior James Gillock said.

To become better is a team effort not an individual one.

“Not being at practice hurts us as a team as well as them hurting themselves. With them not being there they are unable to learn and keep up with our plays which can mess us up as a whole,” Gillock said.

Showing up to practice is a big deal and communicating with one another is a must.

“Inform your coaches or your teammates. No communication makes it seem as if you’re blowing off your team,” Magwire said.

The team focuses on improving specifics at practice.

“With the old consequences along with the new ones, makes the players want to come to practice to help the team and to receive playing time,” senior Kevaughn Washington said.

Knowing there are consequences, there are also role models that set an example of the expectations.

“Tyler Bradshaw is an excellent role model for our team. He is always at practice. He gives us his all and never complains,” Magwire said.

Setting an example shows your reliability. Being there and communicating always helps in the long run.

“Coming to practice is a very big deal because you get better and it shows that your teammates can rely on you,” Washington said.

Showing up and communicating is important, but being there for your team and showing dedication is a way to succeed.