The favorite, the scorer, the undefeated and the underdog

Eli Stenner, Sports columnist

The Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), or division one college football, has implemented a playoff bracket for the first time in college football history.

What would the first college playoff be without the favorite, Alabama, the scorer, Oregon, the undefeated incumbent, Florida State and the underdog, Ohio State?

If you enjoy a nice underdog story, the first college football playoff may have been satisfying in a bittersweet way.

Ohio State came into the 2014 season with high expectations from Heisman hopeful Braxton Miller, running the offense from under center. To many Buckeye fans’ dismay, Miller hurt his shoulder before the season started, sidelining him for the whole season.

On the bright side, J.T. Barrett, a nobody to most, carried the Buckeyes to a winning 11-1 season, becoming a Heisman contender in the end.

Though this was a one loss season, it was not quite enough to land the Buckeyes in the four seed spot in the playoff bracket. By that time, they were still sitting at a solemn six, behind Texas Christian University and Baylor University.

If this was not hard enough for one team to overcome, Barrett broke his ankle in the fourth quarter of the final game during the regular season. With these two Heisman potential quarterbacks down, being a part of the Big Ten championship against a formidable foe in Wisconsin means pack up and go home, right? Wrong.

Next, they have Cardale Jones. No one knew Jones until Ohio State dominated Wisconsin 59-0 in that Big Ten championship game.

This huge victory was enough to thrust Ohio State into that golden fourth seed in the final week of decision making.

This was just the beginning. The road became more difficult now that they had to face the team everyone thought would take it all: Alabama.

With a third string, sophomore quarterback, how could they beat the best all around team in the nation? Going into the game a ten and a half point underdog, Ohio State showed the world they meant business.
Behind running back Ezekial Elliot, the Buckeyes ran over Alabama, compiling 281 yards on the ground, advancing to the final round. On to the next challenge: Oregon.

After racking up over 600 yards of offense, there was no way Ohio State could slow Oregon down, right? Nope.

Oregon being outgained by over 100 yards offensively could only manage to put up 20 measly points against this ‘never say die’ Ohio State team. Ohio State threw the nation for another loop after they railed Oregon, 42-20.

Ohio State fan or not, most have to admire the dedication to victory in that courageous 2014 football team.