The Secret Life Of Your Favorite Teachers; Joseph Stamps

Emily Elliott, Editor in chief

Football coach Joseph Stamps fully demonstrates his love for teaching when it comes to tutoring kids.

Stamps tutors students who need the extra help and are struggling to pass high school.

“We aren’t teachers because we get paid, we all enjoy teaching the subject that comes with the job. Kids always need the help that we, as teachers, can give them,” Stamps said.

Since Stamps teaches Plato and the Missouri Options Program, he is able to help most students with any subject brought to the table.

“It’s just awesome to see the light bulb when students start to understand something,” Stamps said.

Stamps will meet students who are willing to get help at the Mid-continent Public Library in Claycomo.

“When I worked with a certain kid we would meet every two weeks; some kids need me once a day,” Stamps said.

He enjoys spending his time helping students because he knows he is making a difference in their educational experience.

“They become better students and are more knowledgeable on the subject with a little extra help,” Stamps said.

Although this is Stamps’ first year tutoring ISS, OSS, and students at risk of damaging their education , he is looking forward to many other years bettering students education.