Bowling team pins down a new season

Emily Elliott, Editor in chief

The bowling team reaches new heights with half the team being beginners.
Only four members of the team are returning bowlers.

“Right now we have a team of nine with five of them being new. We hope to add more,” team captain, senior Marcia Ruiz said.

For most players, this years bowling team is the first actual bowling team they have been a part of.

“It’s always been a hobby of mine, and my grandpa and dad are both active bowlers, so I thought I would join,” junior Brett Jackson said.

The Winnetonka bowling coach Howard Rupard is there to help teach bowling technique and movements.

“We evaluate everyone that comes into the program. Most are at the beginning level and so we coach them from start, but some kids come in with experience and we will coach them at a more advanced level,” Rupard said.

The players are fond of each coach and the way
they treat every player.

“They are all super nice, they all just took me
in and gave me one on one lessons to help me out,” Jackson said.

Tournaments are where the bowling team gets to show off their skills.

“The tournaments are on Sunday mornings and we travel around the Kansas City area and every school in the region shows up. We compete with each school at the same level as we are,” Rupard said.

The players enjoy the diversity of schools that come together for tournaments.

“My favorite parts are the tournaments because you get to meet new people from other schools,” Ruiz said.

One of Rupard’s favorite parts about the team is the bonding that shows when they are all together.

“I love to see the kids having fun, regardless if
we win or lose. We always have a fun time,” Rupard said.

The bowling team meets every Thursday after school at Gladstone Bowl.