Wrestling meets equality

Savannah Moore, Co-copy editor

Junior Kara Costanzo is bringing change and joining the wrestling team this year.

Costanzo is striving to participate in all the sports she can this year.

“I want to experience all types of sports, whether they’re supposed to be for females or not,” Costanzo said.

Doss believes the situations wrestling puts people in can make it awkward for both athletes.

“Even just coming from a mature coach to a kid who
wants to learn; it can be weird. Now add the sexual connotation too, how are you supposed to grab a girl as a guy?” Doss said.

Costanzo wants to wrestle in the 106-pound weight class.

“I’m athletic and I know I can be good at it if I work at it, and that’s what I plan on doing,” Costanzo said.

Despite the lack of support in some places, Costanzo plans on breaking out of the wrestling-is-a-guys-sport-only stereotype and doing more with every opportunity to compete.