Schools bury the hatchet to collaborate on stage

Amber Murray, Co-copy editor

The North Kansas City School District hasgathered eight actors to perform in the first all district play.

The play, entitled “It’s Only a Play,” takes place at the after party of the opening performance of a play.

“It’s about a party in New York City, celebrating the opening night of the Broadway performance, and all the weird things going on while everyone is waiting for different reviews to come in,” senior Kevin Purkaple said.

Working with students from other schools made rehearsals and performances more difficult.

“We only rehearse one night a week so there is a lot of time in between rehearsals. We practice at one high school and perform at another,” sophomore Scotty Sharp said.

The students in the play are from all four of the high schools in the North Kansas City School District.

“There are three girls from Staley, Scotty and I, one guy from Northtowne and two students from Oak Park,” Purkaple said.

Both Sharp and Purkaple wanted to be in this play because of their interest in acting careers.

“It [this play] is especially important for these two boys because they both plan to continue a career in the performing arts,” theater teacher Dr. Sheri Coffman

This play has given Purkaple and Sharp an opportunity that they could not have gotten previously.

“They [Sharp and Purkaple] get to see how different directors function,” Coffman said.

The students may get to perform their play a third time for another audience.

“We might even have an opportunity to perform at the music hall,” Sharp said.

The play was performed on December 5 and 6 at the Staley Performing Arts Center.