Taylor Swift shakes it off

Alyssa Magrone, Copy Editor/A&E Editor

Although completely different than anything Taylor Swift has attempted before, she still manages to sound like herself in her new album “1989.”

In this new album, Swift has matured greatly as an individual and in her song writing style.

She is no longer writing about pathetic breakups and slashing tires like Carrie Underwood.

Rather, she is reminiscing on her past relationships and truly appreciating love.

The tracks featured in this breakthrough album incorporate many 80s pop influences that are brilliant. Swift truly demonstrates what bringing back ideas from the past can do.

This also happens to be Swift’s first official pop album. She is breaking away from the country genre, but she manages to do this without turning into Miley Cyrus.

As always, the power of Swift’s lyrics will capture the minds of teenage girls everywhere. There is a song for all young women on this album.

These songs are not just about love and relationships, they reflect the newfound maturity with songs like “Shake it Off” and “Welcome to New York.”

“1989” has no songs featuring other artists, proving that Swift is clever enough to create beautiful compositions and succeed independently.

In “1989” it is clear that Swift has transformed from a naive teenage girl to a strong self- sufficient woman who is ready to take on the world.

Teens will find themselves immediately hooked on this new album, listening to it over and over again. The songs are a collaboration of catchy tunes, heartfelt lyrics and a unique musical make-up.

Songs like “Out of the Woods” and “Wonderland” will captivate both the mind and heart.

Although she has broken away from her country roots, Swift has impressed everyone with her maturity and modern twist on 80s pop.

This is an album that gets an A.