Cookies, coffee and caroling for charity

Marley Kennaley, Comic strip and writer

Key Club has done their first fundraiser to help adopt
families for the holiday season.

They did a family friendly event with entertainment, candy, cookies
and coffee.

“Spectrum is coming to sing with us and hopefully we can get a jazz
band to play for us to create sing alongs,” gifted resource specialist Carrie Marcantonio said.

The Key Club students enjoy taking time to help out others.

“It seems a like fun thing we can do for people. It will get people involved and we will also get money from the ticket sales,” junior
Dominic Rizzo said.

The money went to the Key Club organization so they can
afford to adopt three families for Christmas.

“We sold tickets, and the money will go to buying presents for an adopted family,” Marcantonio said.

Being a member takes a lot of effort and dedication.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s fun and it is for a good cause,” sophomore Audrey Thompson said.

Key Club is the largest international youth group that helps people who need it. They do community service, fundraisers, and
anything they can do for people in need.

“I work with the best kids, they are very independent and
they get things done,” Marcantonio said.

Key Club students are encouraged to continue with this project.

“I think it is a great idea, it will be fun adopting families this year,” Rizzo said.

Last year Key Club adopted two families, but this year is their first time fundraising towards the adoption.

“I think it is a good project. People in the district need the help,” Thompson said.

The students are excited to make a difference.

“I am looking forward to knowing I did something
good for someone else,” Thompson said.

The Cookies, Coffee and Caroling event was on
December 3 at 7 in the cafeteria.