Middle schoolers expand technology resources

Mallery Zion, Editor

The middle school students of the North Kansas
City School district are receiving the old MacBook Airs.

On Nov. 11, high schools in the NKCSD received the newest version of the MacBook Air and people are questioning the reason.

“The district has an agreement going on with Apple as far as how the district is supporting technology. The technology is outdated at middle and elementary as far as devices, particularly how they take their assessments now electronically,” principal Matthew Lindsey said.

The switch is aiming to help the middle school students become more comfortable with the new devices for their future high school career.

“The way the world is, technology is going to be everywhere so they should get used to it now instead of later,” technology clerk Bobbie Frogge said.

Recieving schools are behind furthering the students’ knowledge with technology.

“We used library computers and had carts of Macs but never learned how to use them,” freshman Noah Sisemore said.

The district is hoping that the middle schools gaining MacBooks will prepare them for high school.

“Some students don’t have the correct exposure to technology and this will give them the opportunity to navigate the device they’ll receive as freshmen,” Lindsey said.

Some people are skeptical about the maturity of
middle school students and their ability to handle MacBooks.

“In my opinion I don’t think they are responsible enough to have laptops, but I think it will be good for them to get the experience,” Frogge said.

The staff of each middle and elementary school also have never dealt with the students having more complicated technology.

“I don’t think the teachers are prepared to handle all the students with the Macs because this is their first year experiencing it and they won’t know how to teach it to the students well,” Sisemore said.

The laptops will help the middle schools branch out.

“What they had wasn’t meeting their overall needs; this was an opportunity to extend our purchase with Apple and expand our current resources district wide,” Lindsey said.

A majority of the district is confident that the younger students being offered better technology will further their education and help them do more work then they are usually able to do.

“It would have helped a lot doing my work, which was mostly on paper, and things would have been faster,” Sisemore said.

The faculty and district hope to further the younger student’s exposure to newer technology for a successful future in high school and in thier career.