Small team encourages students bonding

Cayla Adamson

Cayla Adamson

Cayla Adamson, J1 Writer

Despite having a small team, girls golf finishes strong after a difficult season.

Three senior girls made all-conference this season. Senior Kaylin Williams was first team, senior Allison Storm was second team and senior Ciara Wiegers an honorable mention.

“Out of the 13 golf tournaments this year, conference went the best,” coach Nathan Stephenson said.

Sophomore Madelynn Caster, a first year golfer, played her first full round of golf this season.

“It took about five hours to do eighteen holes. It was tiring because we had to walk from hole to hole since we weren’t allowed to drive the golf carts,” Caster said.

The returning golfers welcomed Caster onto the team, taking her under their wing.

“My best memory was when all of us stayed after school to design t-shirts for the neon tournament, which was a competition to see which team wore the most neon,” Caster said.

According to Sport Psychology Today, team cohesion and motivation is paramount in being successful as individuals and as a team.

“The girls have good times, many inside jokes and a lot of time to talk in and off the course. There is a team chemistry,” Stephenson said.

From his first year of coaching, Stephenson is trying to figure out how to get more girls to join. The team is senior heavy with four out of six girls graduating this year.

Stephenson encourages people to come out for golf next season, even if they do not have any prior experience.