Students shine at St. Joseph art show

Baylee Gilliland

Talent flows through the students as the advanced art students take their first trip to the Missouri Western State University (MWSU) art show in St. Joseph Missouri.

“It’s a competition open to any student who is attending. Each student can bring art work to the exhibit, judges will be awarding at least 10 percent of the art work,” art teacher Heather Sulzen said.

Sulzen and the advanced art students who took the trip to MWSU cannot wait to go again next year.

Seniors still took the opportunity to come on the field trip to the MSWU art show and have the experience.

“I gained competition experience, it was definitely interesting. It was really cool to see all the other artwork from all the other schools and see what other students are doing,” senior Lindi Oyler said.

Anyone can make a living, or find a new hobby. It is never too late.

“Art is such a universal thing anyone can see it and understand it. It’s very cool to see something of your own inspire other people so that to me is what keeps me going to want to do more art,” freshman Harper Ross said.

MWSU students were allowed to walk around the art show. The exhibit included: art cards, digital animation workshops, painting, photograms, plaster relief, printing and still life.

Students who got to throw on the wheel, even ones who had never done it before, got to learn more about it.

“Seeing the finished product is the coolest. Honestly, I haven’t made enough art to know exactly what it is, what my style is. The more art I make the more I define who I am and what I believe goes into my art,” Oyler said.

Ross wants to take on art in the future just as Oyler wants to keep finding her style.

“One day I would like to be a comic book illustrator at DC Comics. It would be awesome if I could take my art there, in the mean time I would like to use it just as a way to express myself and also help inspire other people either to be artists or to just recognize the talent in themselves,” Ross said.

As the talented students took on their first trip to the MWSU art show, at the end of the day our advanced students brought home 11 awards from the showcase.