Suspensful thriller keeps viewers on the edge

Mallery Zion, Editor

Many people have a fear of being trapped. What if the only way to escape your fate would be to go through a maze?

The movie, “The Maze Runner,” based off the book by James Dashner, was a compialation of many people’s worst fears. Over the span of three years, one by one, select boys wake up in the middle of a maze with temporary amnesia and limited supplies.

Thomas (Dylan O’Brian) is the perfect actor for portraying a boy being in a new environment with only a slight recollection of his past. O’Brian also stars in the popular television show “Teen Wolf.”

Watching the struggle of civil survival, it is easy to relate and develop attachment to the story even if viewers have not read the book.

People are comparing this movie to “The Hunger Games,” but the only thing it has in common is the fight for survival.

The plot is slightly confusing and difficult to grasp in the beginning, but the suspenseful atmosphere and quest for answers draws the audience in.

When the movie reveals the purpose of the maze, it builds your perspective of an anticipated future of civilization.

With heart felt characters and challenging circumstances, viewers soon will catch themselves sitting on the edge of their seat, wide-eyed and wrapped in the story.

This movie is PG-13 and may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Overall, this movie gets an A-.