HOSA jumpstarts medical careers

Emily Noyes, Design editor

The students interested in having a career in the medical field are joining together in the new Health Occupation Student Association (HOSA).

The club is designed for college and high school students with an interest in healthcare.
It is a way for students with likeminded goals to practice and build skills.

“With healthcare you get better relationships and get to cooperate with caring people in the field,” sophomore Eldridge Villegas said.

HOSA is partnering with American Health Education Centers (AHEC), an organization that helps students prepare for careers in the medical field. It does this by giving demonstrations and having the students do projects centering around the medical field.

”I hope to gain more knowledge about health services and health sciences,” sophomore Sarah Anderson said.

The club has been limited to around 20 students this year to build a strong foundation for the club to grow around. How the club continues from there is up to the students.

“It all depends on the students. It is up to the students to be as big and encompassing as the students want it [HOSA] to be,” HOSA adviser Scott Fohey said.

Interest forms to apply for HOSA were available to students in Project Lead the Way (PLTW) biomedical. The application asked for the students future career choice and why the wanted to be a part of HOSA.

“I want to be a neurologist. Any sort of health oriented group I want to be a part of [HOSA] for networking purposes it will be helpful,” Anderson said.

The club plans on having an oral health unit that includes mink mouth dissections, and guest speakers.

“I’m looking forward to the experiments. I like doing hands on activities,” Villegas said.

The students will also become CPR trained through the Red Cross and get their HIPAA certification though Heartland Medical.

HOSA is a way for students with common interest in healthcare to connect with each other and gain opportunities that will help them in their chosen career paths.