Two musicals, one audition

Eli Stenner, Staff Writer and Photographer

The theatre department has done something this year that they have never done before: cast two musicals at the same time.

The first is “Sideshow,” and the second is “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.”

Dr. Sheri Coffman and Mr. Jason Elam, who are codirecting both musicals, did all this without letting any of the students know.

“The reason for casting two musicals was because of how grueling and competitive the callbacks for “Sideshow” were,” said Coffman.

The cast of “Sideshow” headlined by two female leads senior Madison Dodd and senior Paden Osbourn, who will play the Siamese twins. Senior Zach Faust, sophomore Scotty Sharp and senior Adarius Wells are the male leads in “Sideshow”.

There are two co-student directors; senior Tannar Walden and senior Victoria Schildman. The tech director is senior Ian Whittlesey and the stage manager is senior Marcia Ruiz.

“I love working with Dr. Coffman and Mr. Elam and co-directing with Tori. We get to share such a big responsibility in the show and it really makes me proud to see the show progress knowing I had something to do with it,” Walden said.

“Sideshow” is based in the 1920s depressed America. It is about the struggles and hardships that came with being exponentially different.

“Sideshow” will be performed on November 20, 21 and 22. “Putnam” is yet to be announced.