Maroon 5 holding fans with emotion

Emily Noyes, Design editor

The new album “V” keeps Maroon 5’s classic sound, but adds a fresh new vibe.

The album is titled with Roman numeral “V” (pronounced five) because it symbolizes their fifth album release.

“V” reached number one in the US as a bestseller the first week of September, selling over 164,000 copies.

The album starts with its lead single “Maps”. This song’s strong pop elements and repetitive lyrics helped it peak at number six on the hot 100 list.

The album includes other memorable songs such as “Animals” and “Unkiss me”.

These songs are upbeat and make you want to dance. The lyrics stick in your head all day.

The vocals by Adam Levine add passion to the album. The hooks in the songs grab your attention and keep you listening.

Listening to songs on this album made me want to get up and dance.

Overall, this album is vibrant and worth the listen. This CD gets an A rating.