Lending a hand Overseas


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Voss holds close a little girl named Riri she bonded with in Harmons. “I hated leaving. Being there made me feel like I was saving lives,” she said.

Chloe Minnick , Editor in Chief

While some go to Jamaica to soak up the sun, senior Michaela Voss ventured overseas to lend a hand. Voss and her church group spent a year and a half fundraising money to pay for their trip.

“We worked Royals games, had car washes, took donations, bussed tables, worked Chiefs games and had bake sales,” she said.

After all the money was raised, Voss and the rest of her church members boarded a plane in mid-July. After four long hours, they made it to their landing strip in Harmons, Jamaica.

“[When we arrived] it was a very impoverished, very sad community,” Voss said.

Over the course of seven days, Voss and her fellow church members helped construct a variety of structures.

“We built two houses, two foundations and just interacted with the community,” she said.

Included in Voss’ group from Winnwood Baptist Church is her best friend, Amber Parker, and her boyfriend, Matthew Elder, whom she got to experience this journey with.

“This would have been a lot different if they [church group] weren’t there. I got to experience this with people I love,” she said.

While in Harmons, Voss also got to experience another culture’s way of life.

“It was all very weird to me. The townspeople actually called us “whities”.

Along with taking this trip with close friends, Voss said her favorite part of the trip was getting to talk to and spend time with the little kids.

“They were always happy, even though they didn’t really have anything. It made me grateful for what I had back in the states,” Voss said.

It is clear this was an eye-opening, life-changing experience for Voss. Of course, experiencing the poverty stricken parts of the world can put some things into perspective for anyone.

“Now I realize what I have and not take anything for granted. If they’re happy, I have every reason to be happy too,” she said.