Changes made statewide for students

Savannah Moore, Co-copy editor

Last year, a new statewide mandate came into effect requiring all Missouri high school juniors to take the ACT beginning in 2014.

It was decided that the state will pay the admission fee for students to take the test once, but if the student desires to take the test again it is up to them to pay.

“This mandate effects all Missouri high schools, as in, every high school junior in the state will be taking the ACT [this year],” college advisor Paul Reeves said.

Principal Matthew Lindsey hopes that the practice ACT in Oct. will be a reminder to teachers that concepts tested by the ACT should be incorporated into curriculums in the classroom.

“I hope [the ACT] will prove what we’ve been trying to do the last four or five years, talking about rigor in the classroom. I also hope that we are able to talk about relevance as in ‘How will this rigorous class help me on the ACT?’” Lindsey said.

Reeves and Pebbles Smith, Reeves’ partner in college advisory, believe the mandate is an opportunity for kids to open new doors in their future.

“Many students have made the decision to not take the ACT, out of fear or because college isn’t part of their post-secondary plan,” Smith said. “However the school will be taking steps to make our students as prepared for the test as possible.”

Reeves and Smith agree that students tend to be more intimidated by the ACT than is necessary, resulting in a lower score than initially desired.

“[The ACT is not] a big, scary monster or something to be afraid of. We know our students have what it takes to do well, and in the long run, it will prepare or motivate them to test again if necessary,” Smith said.

Students will take a practice ACT test on October 16th, and will receive information prior to April 28th when they are required to take the actual ACT.