Underclassmen rising from the depths

Jocelin Egeland, Writer

New members joining the swim and dive team have set high expectations from both the coaches and returning members.

There are eight new swimmers this year compared to last year’s three.

“It’s just nice to see people interested in a sport that isn’t very commonly expressed,” sophomore Jessi Mizner said.

The team is working with young talent because there are only underclassmen swimming.

“We are a lower class swim team, so next year we would like to see more juniors and seniors do swimming,” Mizner said.

There are enough swimmers to do the relays this season. There are two relay teams: the 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle.

“I like the 400 because it is longer and it makes me tired so I feel like I am working harder,” sophomore Diego Mina said.

Coach Ian Johnston loves the bond that the boys have made.

“They are a team and help each other and make each other better in and out of the pool,” said Johnston.

Being on the team is about more than just swimming to the boys.

“ It’s really fun because it’s great to know there is a bigger team supporting you and that you can count on them to be there,” Mina said.

Their support for each other is taken outside of the pool as well.

“We have team dinners and during our first trip to St. Joe we were throwing sandwiches at each other,” said Mina.

It looks like the boys swim and dive team is starting a new era with the new young swimmers.