Schools stay safe without guns


On Sept. 11, voters in Missouri overturned Jay Nixon’s veto on weapon conceal and carry. This new law overrides any city ordinances previously put in place for safety.

According to the Huffington Post, on Sept. 11, teachers and qualified school employees with a conceal and carry license (CCW) will be allowed to carry firearms after they have gone through training with licensed instructors. School districts will appoint qualified individuals.

Ultimately, this law will do more harm than good to a lot of schools that choose to recognize it. It is completely unnecessary for anyone besides an officer to carry weapons of any kind amongst teenagers.

Schools pride themselves on keeping students safe. Now, Missourians want to introduce guns into that environment? It is hard to see that the solution being found is in the barrel of a gun. Since when has fighting fire with fire been a logical solution?

The problem the nation is trying to fight is school shootings, of course. But usually, when someone executes a mass shooting, his or her escape route is suicide; by their own hand or someone else’s. Either way, the shooter dies and takes their most hated peers with them: a win-win for them.

It is not clear why voters think introducing guns into a school is a better solution than metal detectors. Yes, they can be faulty. But it could possibly make a shooter think twice before trying to infiltrate a school building.

This sounds like a panicked society, itching to solve a growing problem as soon as possible. But keep in mind; impulse decisions are not always sound.

In reality, there are plenty of measures safer than arming teachers. Taking a stand against bullying could have a much bigger impact if more schools would pay attention.

This change will be on a school-to-school basis which means schools have the final say, not the district. Thankfully, this law will, most likely, not affect Winnetonka.

It is not possible to feel protected by a hunk of metal. The trained professionals walking through the halls should give students relief. That being said, the only weapon our school needs is Deputy Childers and our vigilant campus security.