Former Oak Park teacher, swim coach pleads guilty to production and possession of child pornography

54-year-old James Russell Green Jr. indicted with nine counts of sexual misconduct, pleads guilty to two

Elizabeth Payton, Editor-in-chief

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54-year-old James Russell Green Jr. Photo released.

A former teacher and swim coach at Oak Park High School has pleaded guilty on November 20 to secretly filming a sexual activity with a minor in December 2013.

James Russell Green Jr., 54, was indicted earlier this year with nine counts of sexual misconduct involving minors. He pleaded guilty to the production of child pornography and possession of child pornography.

As a part of a plea agreement, the seven remaining federal charges will be dropped. The alleged crimes span over two decades and involved at least seven victims.

Green was charged with attempting to entice a victim to engage in illegal sexual activity, possession of child pornography and the production of child pornography with a 13-year-old, alongside four additional victims.

According to federal prosecutors, during a search of Green’s house in April 2017 police found home videos showing nude minors ranging from ages 14 to 17. The videos dated back to the 1990s and continued up until 2014 or 2015.

Alongside these videos, a recording of a 45-minute sexual encounter with a 13-year-old was allegedly found.

Other charges Green faces include multiple counts of sodomy with a minor for an alleged sexual assault and continued sexual relationship with a Smithville High School student in 2005.

The victim allegedly went to the police when Green continued attempting contact. At this time, police were already investigating claims about a sexual relationship between Green and a 16-year-old from Blue Springs.

Green formerly taught and coached swimming at Oak Park High School in the North Kansas City School District and at several middle schools in the district. Prior to that, he taught and coached at Blue Springs South High School, and coached at Hallbrook Country Club in Leawood.

The charging documents released by the Jackson County Prosecutor


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