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The divided states of America

Americans must stop arguing and start discussing in order to create change

December 18, 2017

Americans are increasingly making decisions on issues just because it has Republican or Democrat stamped on it, but simply arguing about solutions to important political issues diverts attention from actually solving the problems at hand.

America is supposed to be a united nation, but yet it is divided. Citizens expose themselves only to the opinions of those who agree with them, refusing to acknowledge that there is another, equally valid side to the issues at hand. By associating exclusively with like-minded individuals and media sources, Americans are choosing to validate their own biased opinions instead of opening their minds up to the possibility of another side. As a result, they are ignorant to the reality of the problems they are arguing about. To solve this problem, people need to stop separating themselves by a political wall of red and blue and instead learn to discuss the real issue from all sides and perspectives.

If citizens continue to block themselves off from those that think differently, progress towards a better nation will come to a standstill. At the present point in time, America and its problems are like a fire, but instead of just putting out the fire, two people (the two major political parties) just argue about the best way to put it out. Both parties are so confident in their thinking that they stop listening to anything but their own voices. With neither person willing to compromise on their plan-of-action, the fire spreads. is problem could have been solved quickly and efficiently if both people were willing to discuss and compromise instead of argue. In fact, the two plans for putting out the fire could have been combined for even greater effectiveness. Instead, because both people were blinded by their desire for the other person to be wrong, nothing was solved and the problem only grew.

Sometimes doing the best thing is not always the easiest thing to do. “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better,” author and poet Maya Angelou said. It might be easier to argue for your side than to listen to someone else’s opinion, but the rst step to solving the problem is simply listening so that you can learn and grow through someone else’s experiences.

Democrats and Republicans seem to see each other as enemies. They believe that compromise with ‘the enemy’ will not create effective results. However, no matter what political party people belong to, they all want to solve the same problems; they all want the same outcomes. For example, almost all citizens want the death rate in America to go down; Republicans believe they can achieve this outcome by protecting gun rights, while Democrats believe they can lower the death rate by implementing stricter gun laws. If the parties choose to work together instead of choosing to fight each other, they can solve the problem by focusing on the outcome; their one point of agreement.

Instead of fighting each other, Americans must start working together on an individual level. Once people are able to discuss political problems and can come to some level of agreement, they can focus on the real issue and solve it. If they hope to have a better nation, then the citizens of the United States need to be true to their nation’s name and unite instead of divide.

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