A cheerful spirit

Q&A with athlete of the week junior Jordan Turcheck

Halle Clapham, Contributing Writer

Maggie Williams
Junior Jordan Turcheck practices with the cheer team on Oct. 24.

Athlete: Junior Jordan Turcheck

Sport: cheerleading

Position: main base

Involved in: DECCA, FCCLA


Q: How long have you played this sport?

A: “I’ve been in it for almost two years now.”

Q: Do you play any other sports?

A: “I do school cheer here, and I also do another cheer team outside of school.”

Q: Why do you believe you were chosen as athlete of the week?

A: “Maybe because of my spirit.”

Q: What keeps you motivated throughout the season?

A: “Winning. Winning is a good one. Another one is being able to spend time with the people that I love”

Q: How do you keep up on your school work and play your sport?

A: “On my off day, I do my school work and when I have cheer I like to focus on that.”

Q: How does being an athlete effect your school life?

A: “There can be drama, but I feel like it makes me a better person.”

Q: Who are your most fervent supporters and how do they influence you?

A: “The girls on the cheer team. They help me through a lot.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a part of a Tonka sport?

A: “Being able to have school spirit and being involved with the school.”