Living the Moroccan dream

Students celebrate prom by dancing the night away at Arrowhead

Katie Bullock, Editor-in-chief

For everybody who went to prom on April 22, the Moroccan dream became a Moroccan reality at Arrowhead stadium.

“It was really incredible. My favorite part of prom was definitley dancing,”  sophomore Vincent Rizzo said. “It [dancing] was a great way to express yourself and to be free and how your personality.”

Seniors Kali Holman and Randy Jackson were crowned prom queen and king. According to Jackson, receiving the title of prom king meant a lot to him.

“Personally I was really proud of it [being crowned prom king] because I have really bad anxiety and depression so winning made me realize that people do actually like me, that they do actually care about me,” Jackson said. “It was really nice to win because it reassured me and gave me the kind of confidence that I haven’t had in years.”

For many seniors this year’s prom was special because it was their last chance to experience a high school dance, according to Jackson.

“I never went to prom so this one was special to me,” Jackson said. “It was my senior prom and it was with such a close group of friends. It will definitely be a night that I remember forever.”