Beyond the prize

PRIDE tickets create a positive learning environment

Rachel Adamson, Editor in Chief

editorial cartoon by Alyssa Magrone

The installation of PRIDE tickets is a smart and out of the box method for encouraging and changing behavior in the classroom.

PRIDE tickets are given to students who are following the PRIDE matrix – prepared, respectful, involved, driven and engaged – so that they are rewarded for that behavior.

Students can use the tickets like money and buy items in the school store. Just like receiving incentives and raises in jobs, these tickets promote and encourage good behavior.

These tickets also allow teachers to compliment students. Instead of teachers becoming a ticking time bomb with each distraction and disturbance from students, the teacher can announce that they are giving a PRIDE ticket to a particular student who is abiding by the rules.

This turns gears in the minds of other students to get their act together and follow the example student.

Some argue that PRIDE tickets cause a regression back to childhood when they were rewarded for green days or received tickets for candy. This makes high school students feel as though they are being treated like children.

However, some high school students act as if they are children, so there is a desperate need for this system. When students show up to classes without pencils, talk over teachers and are constantly on electronics without permission, PRIDE tickets are a necessity. This form of positive reinforcement creates an overall positive environment within the school. Prior practices of corporal punishments invoked fear and created a negative morale.

The PRIDE system, on the other hand, is a healthy and encouraging system that enforces the simple principles that PRIDE encompasses.

Instead of sending childish students out into the real world after graduation, the PRIDE ticket system molds these students into respectable young adults. This teaches students to take on the challenges and go the extra mile outside of high school.