Listen, Learn, & Speak Spanish


Ashlyn Bunch

Ashlyn Bunch, Contributing Writer

Sophomores Angela Sluder, Hailey Grant and Madison Mayes confer about new ideas for Spanish club at the first meeting on Friday, Jan. 27. Spanish Club just started this year, and will have meetings every Friday in C3 during intervention. The club talked about ordering T-shirts, field trips, and much more. One upcoming project the club talked about is selling bracelets that are made in Spanish speaking to support the countries. The club is ecstatic about getting up and running.

“Obviously, I’m very passionate about Spanish, the language and the culture, as a Spanish teacher but I was able to participate in Spanish club when I was a student here at Winnetonka and I’m really excited that students have an interest in doing it now and are excited about it as well,” sponsor Alyssa Liesveld said.