Behind the broadcast


Kaitlyn Minet

Senior Westly Bertha in the crowd as he calls each play of the game while also being the on-air talent of the game with Oak Park High School senior Blake Jones for the basketball game at North Kansas City High School on Feb. 10.

Kaitlyn Minet, News Editor

Oak Park High School is not only the home of the Northmen but also of N2 sports, a course offered for the entire North Kansas City School District [NKCSD] schools that focuses on broadcasting sports within the district.

Although the course is only offered at Oak Park, it can be worked into the schedule of students from the other three high schools. According to Oak Park journalism teacher Christina Geabhart they cover events by live-broadcasting to their website and live-Tweeting for fans at home.

Geabhart ensures each school receives an equal amount of coverage based on each sport and activity.

‘We already did nine football games and we’re doing 14 boys and girls basketball games this season,” Geabhart said. “I try to make sure we keep relatively even between each high school. So each school has the same amount of football games, basketball, soccer and baseball.”

Even though Geabhart is teaching broadcast, she is also learning it alongside her students. While allowing them to discover things on their own, she is assures them she is always there to help to them improve themselves.

“I’m really big on the kids making their own decisions but I’m still here for my students to support them and show them how to use the technology,” Geabhart said. “My training is actually not in broadcasting so I learn it by teaching it and going to convention. No matter what I’m teaching, whether it’s newspaper or broadcasting, I’m here for my students with whatever they need.”

Both seniors Zoe Goss and Grace Taylor are involved in Tonka Talks, and they are also a part of N2 sports where they specialize in directing. According to Goss, this course has given her and Taylor an advantage as they approach college.

“It’s really cool because a lot of the experience is stuff you wouldn’t normally be able to do until college or even after college, especially since this is the career we [Goss and Taylor] both want to go into so we’ll already have a background in it when we go to college,” Goss said.

Taylor claims that the N2 class helps to prepare her for a future in broadcast.

“It’s made me more comfortable with getting ready to go to college because you get more comfortable with the jobs in broadcasting and you get to experience each part,” Taylor said.

Geabhart helps the students work to better themselves as best as they can by studying experienced schools and feels N2 sports has given them an advantage on what college broadcast classes have to offer.

“When the best of show awards come out, we review them,” Geabhart said. “We watch those shows to find what they have that we don’t have. We find out how we can get what they have. It can’t all happen in a single year but we do one until we get it down then move on to another. I’m really happy with the program and what the students have learned. They are doing professional things. These students are ready for college.”