Never too young to cheer


Kaitlyn Minet

Senior Zoe Goss leading the group through a cheer at the Mini-Cheer Clinic on Feb. 12.

Kaitlyn Minet, News Editor

Girls from preschool to fifth grade gather Feb. 12 to join the cheer team for the Mini-Cheerleading Clinic to learn and practice for halftime performances at the basketball game that will be on Feb. 13.

The cheer team split up to demonstrate cheers for the children and then led them through each chant until the girls got it down. Each cheerleader assisted their own “little person” and some even has a few “little people.” They also took a break from cheer exercises to play ships and sailors in an effort to create a bond between the girls  and the cheerleaders.

Not only is the cheer clinic a way for both the girls and cheerleaders to gain experience, but the clinic also helps to raise money for the cheer team.

“We need new mats,” cheer coach Ashley Carter said. “It’s also a nice way to bring the community in by getting the elementary schools involved.”

Cheer coach Sarah Alvarado said the cheerleaders enjoy the clinic because it is a break from normal cheer practice and activities.

“It’s one of the many things they look forward to,” Alvarado said. “They like this a lot because it’s fun, less stressful and they enjoy having fun with kids.”

According to Carter, the clinic is not only fun and games but it also gives the cheer team a chance to pass on everything they know.

“They’re learning how to teach cheers and interact with little kids,” Carter said. “It’s a good bonding for the cheerleaders to come together and come do something fun on a Sunday.”