Boxer champion speaks to students


Ana-Le Lund

Cam Awesome speaks to students on Jan. 23 about being respectful in all situations.

Ana-Le Lund, Writer

Boxing champion Cam Awesome talks to the student body of Winnetonka high school

On Jan. 23, former boxing champion, Cam Awesome spoke to the student body about tenacity and respect leading to a bright future.

“I hope they [students] left with more confidence and the ability to think that they could do something more,” Awesome said. “I didn’t have that until I was about 17 years old and if I knew what I know right now, I could probably be president!”

Awesome is known for being an American amateur boxer that has won the U.S. title in 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014. He has also won Golden Glove for super heavyweight. He actively trains in hopes of reaching the Olympics while speaking to students and in comedy clubs.

Awesome said that a good mindset gets people through struggles they might have to face in life.

“It’s only a good mindset,” Awesome said. “When I started boxing I thought I was amazing and fast and strong. Now I look back at videos of me and I’m like ‘I was terrible!’ A lot of the time I would walk into a room with the confidence of a man who is going to win, which would trip up the other guy. I would win all these fights that I couldn’t physically win but I mentally won. I think that if you can do that with punching someone in the face, you can do that with life.”

Awesome also included that making goals can add on to any great mindset that revolves around the future and what it will hold.

“I think that you should have a total of five goals, one for the immediate future, two for the near future, one for the far off future, and one that you wish you would have started in the past,” Awesome said. “Choose goals that are too big to accomplish the first try, and don’t get discouraged.”