School ensures safety

A submitted photo of the message displaying on the locker room wall on Jan. 12.

A submitted photo of the message displaying on the locker room wall on Jan. 12.

Kaitlyn Minet, News Editor

On Jan. 12, a threat was found in the boys locker room and carefully investigated leading to ensured safety at school on Jan. 13.

The school district provided this statement:

North Kansas City Schools became aware of a threat written on a locker room wall. We partnered with law enforcement to investigate and concluded it to be non-credible and unsubstantiated. The district encourages all students to report matters of concern so that we may most effectively follow up. The students, staff and, teachers is a top priority. School will be in session, as usual.

According to assistant principal Dwayne Smith, any potential threat is always thoroughly looked into and, in this case, precautions were made even after threats were found false.

“Once we were notified that there was even a possibility of a threat, we met as an administration team to assess the threat, determined the threat had no credibility then worked with county to make sure we had additional presence of law enforcement officers and a campus supervisor here,” Smith said. “We sent out a message via email to staff as well as contacted all parents so they knew all kids here at Winnetonka were safe today.”

Administration were sure to have plenty of officers on campus to keep the sense of safety but some students said they felt safe enough and not alarmed by the threat at all.

“I already felt safe with the officers we had before but it is nice to know that they are taking the steps to protect us even if that means taking the smallest of threats seriously,” senior Marissa Foster said.

Teachers and staff are to treat days like Jan. 13 as a normal school day but be aware and cautious.

“They should be observant and if something comes up they are to notify a member of the administrative team,” Smith said.

Smith says the school district is prepared for problems similar to this threat due to their response team which allows them to be ready when something unexpected occurs.

“We ongoingly monitor the safety and security of the building,” Smith said. “We have a crisis response team that meets monthly that discusses issues like this so we are prepared to address issues that come up.”

The submitted photo of the message displayed on the locker room wall on Jan. 12.