Carolyn Knapp wins Teachers Who Inspire award

Editor-In-Chief , Rachel Adamson

Science teacher Carolyn Knapp was recognized by KMBC 9 this morning for being an inspiring teacher.

Rachel Adamson
Science teacher Carolyn Knapp receiving a $900 award for being one of the inspiring teachers selected by KMBC 9 while embracing and senior Lan-Nhi Tran who nominated Knapp.

Senior Lan-Nhi Tran worked with seniors Rachel Adamson, Susan Dackorson and Tashayona Gulley to create a 60 second video for a teacher that has made a difference in their lives.

“A week before I found out about it [the competition], we met up to discuss HOSA [Heath Occupations of Students of America] presentations and she seemed really stressed about it,” Tran said. “She didn’t have to meet up and talk to me about it and her dedication was very admirable, so I nominated her.”

KMBC and Avila University selected nine teachers out of all the entries submitted. The inspiring teachers selected receive a $900 reward and the students who submitted the video receive a $100 reward.

“She deserved it because there are a lot of teachers these days that teach just enough to get by,” Tran said. “Getting to know Mrs. Knapp, I know that she struggles with her life outside of school but she still finds the time to advise students and lead them down the right path.”

The story will run on KMBC 9 on Jan. 29 at 10 p.m.

The video submitted by senior Lan-Nhi Tran for KMBC's 9 most inspiring teacher award.