“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is the rebel movie of the Star Wars trilogy


Official movie poster courtesy of Lucasfilm.

Jessica Glaszczak, Print Managing Editor

Episodes four through six of Star Wars set up the well-acclaimed, expanded universe that has lasted through generations of fans. “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is a movie that, time-wise, is between episodes three and four of the Star Wars Trilogy.

“Rogue One” follows a group of rebels who attempt to retrieve information about the Death Star, a notorious weapon used by the Galactic Empire.

In this movie, the producers showed off their amazing work in computer-generated imagery. This CGI work was definitely a step into the future compared to the original movies made in the late seventies and early eighties. The vibrant sceneries draw the audience straight into a whole other galaxy. The movie is not foreign to the universe, though, with certain graphics still feeling similar to the original series with a few simple visuals.

There are many moments where the recognized Star Wars theme music plays, but overall this addition to the Star Wars universe got a soundtrack all of its own. It added to anticipation and action moments, but in significant plot points the original theme snuck its way in usually in creative ways. The soundtrack connects directly to the feelings of the audience, whether it be apprehension, excitement, nostalgia or sadness.

Along with new music, there is a brand new cast. The main character, Jyn Erso, is ferocious and determined, making her an extremely powerful and strong female character in the Star Wars universe alongside Princess Leia from the original series. K2-SO is an incredibly comical droid that aids Jyn Erso while bringing much humor and sarcasm adding to the list of memorable Star Wars characters with memorable quotes. The group of heroes, including Jyn Erso and K2-SO, are not your typical heroes. Through hardship and hard decisions come hard work for every one of the heroes. Overall, the actors balance wit and amusement with tragedy and action similar to other movies in the series.

“Rogue One” is gripping right from the start, and leaves viewers sitting on the edge of their seats to the ending credits. There is a sufficient blend between the new and the old, bringing back just enough nostalgia from old characters to a familiar soundtrack and familiar scenes, but not too much to where it feels like a repeat. Being an original movie in an established franchise, it brings a unique taste to the look of the Star Wars universe.

The amazing Rogue One deserves an A.

Official movie poster courtesy of Lucasfilm.